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Our Company recently received the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Award. I am telling you this because so far Twenty (20) of the thirty-five (35) companies tested had less than half of the amount of CBD.  Some of those tested had zero CBD.  Test results lead to numerous Lawsuits have been filed and are continuing to be filed over cannabidiol products that allegedly contain less CBD than advertised. According to one case, independent lab tests commissioned by NBC investigators found that the issue is seemingly widespread in the industry.  


The lawsuit cases argue that companies fraudulently charge premiums based on "fictitious CBD quantity claims." Customers who overpaid for products that weren't what they seemed to be are looking to get their money back. Use legitimate CBD that has complete validation of cleanliness always, AND scientific backing that what you use serves the body. 




Until recently, I did not realize that my son and I had been competing to see who could develop the most different Streams of Income! Developing different Streams of Income is something we have been doing for many years. At last count, I was still ahead by only a few, and I proudly told him that. His response, "Perhaps so dad, but are you also considering the amount of money that comes in from each!"


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