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Air & Water Purification Systems

By ActivePure 


Certified Space Technology, Developed

by NASA, Perfected by ActivePure! 


We are on a mission to introduce every home in North 

America to ActivePure Technology. 


Following are several short videos, (about 2.5 minutes each) that will help you better understand the power of ActivePure Technology and its benefits to you and your family (Copy and paste as required): 


How ActivePure Works (Demo)


Take A Look At What The World Is

Saying About ActivePure!    

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Scientific Proof * Trust * COVID - 19 * Videos


Google the following:


The 7 Space Technologies that changed the world? 


If you are still not convinced that the Vollara Air & Surface Pro is something that you need for yourself and your family, let us prove to you that you do: 


Accept our 3-5 day in-home challenge! Let us place an Air & Surface Pro in your home for 3-4 days, and if you decide to return it, I will give you a Free Gift just to say thanks for allowing us to introduce this product to you (we drop-off and pick it up).


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We were the 2nd Team in Vollara to be selected for Vollara's Spotlight Program!


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